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Club Policies

Welcome to Our Lady of Muswell Tennis Club. We hope that you enjoy playing at our club.


There are very few rules and restrictions on play are also few. But it is a good idea to note the following:


1. If there are people waiting to play all players must vacate the court after 30 minutes of singles play or 40 minutes, or a set, of doubles. 

2. Please remember that every member in our club has equal rights to play tennis. 

3. Juniors are not allowed to play during the club sessions if the courts are full but may play if there is a vacant court.

4. Club sessions are Sunday mornings from 10:00 and Thursday evenings. 

5. There is also a junior club night on Saturdays from 6pm and adults are not allowed to play at that time.  


We run adult and junior teams in both winter and summer and also hold 2 LTA  open tournaments in August and December. For any problems or queries please call me on 020 8442 1056 or email:

Finally we like all our members to join British tennis. This is free and you can join on the LTA web Or I also have application forms at the club.  


Brenda Stewart  Club chairperson 020 8442 1056

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